Indoor Air Quality Testing – Branson, MO


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The quality of indoor air can be affected by a variety of conditions including ineffective ventilation, excessive moisture, interior process, equipment use and naturally securing contaminants, just to mention a few. Indoor aiar quality issues are often manifested by adverse symptoms experienced by building occupants.

Sometimes the problem is obvious and easily determined. However many indoor air quality issues are complex and difficult to identify. We at All-American are trained and experienced in the evaluation of indoor air quality issues. All-American can effectively evaluate conditions within a building to determine the likely source of the problem. Once indoor air quality testing has been completed and the source determined, a solution can be developed and implemented.

Unchecked mold growth can affect people, damage interior furnishings and in time, cause serious damage to the structural elements of a building. If mold growth is found, that means there is, or was, a source of excessive moisture. To eliminate mold growth the moisture source must be eradicated. Only after the moisture has been eliminated can mold growth be effectively dealt with.

Our inspection services include – visual inspection and testing of moisture content in building materials, air sampling, bulk and surface sampling and post remediation clearance inspections. All-American uses a fungal identification lab that provides timely and reliable results.

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